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Each day organizations are on a path of improving process, productivity, and financial results. Employees are often on their own path, one of self-discovery and the achievement of life-long hopes and dreams. Our objective at Rocky Paths Consulting is to create awareness and inspire action to create a common path of practical organizational focus, combined with individual interpersonal fulfillment.

If you feel that your company performance may be slipping into mediocrity, or individually if you feel like you are just going through the motions of doing your best, Rocky Paths Consulting can create the awareness, share proven methods, and inspire actions that help YOU and your organization thrive.

Rocky Paths often hold hidden treasures, and remember, it all starts with YOU.


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Empowering Conversations

Candid and personal conversations to identify and develop an individual's Path to professional/personal self-fulfillment.

Inspiring Presentations

Rocky Path presentations create in-depth personal awareness and inspire positive action. Presentation content can be adapted to fit audience needs. They are a perfect fit for leadership retreats, and great for team/management meetings.

Impactful Coaching

A challenging, invigorating approach to identifying barriers to individual or team success.

Need a Keynote Speaker?

One of our favorite Rocky Paths customer interaction offerings is providing keynote address topics for client meetings. Keynote presentation topics include inspirational leadership, what defines customer service success, and team behaviors that synergize sales an operations excellence. Each keynote address is designed to be thought provoking, insightful, and entertaining for a diversity of audiences.

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Here's what Michelle McGrath, Ed. D, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Association of School Councils has to say about us:

"Rocky Paths Consulting offers some of the most reflective and practical presentations I have seen. Jim Walker does an exquisite job of weaving personal stories into practical processes for success. He has a unique way of establishing trust with his audiences by sharing how to take challenges to triumph and maneuver through them with grace. Relationship building is clearly at the foundation of Rocky Paths Consulting."



Karla Radtke - Vice President, Coca-Cola North America:

Jim Walker had a huge influence on me early in my career. His collaborative, inclusive management style was motivating and inspiring – his entire team was always willing to go the extra mile to get projects across the finish line. He enabled some key career moves for me and over the years I haven't forgotten for a single minute how instrumental his coaching was.

Ron Olson - Jr. President, Up-Rite Distributing:

I had the opportunity to work for Jim Walker for a very short period of time, under 2 years. The impact he had on me during that time set me on a course to success. Jim’s ability to hold an audience's attention while presenting is rare. Jim possesses the ability to motivate and the willingness to appreciate at all levels of an organization. A true motivator, people want to be successful around Jim.

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