The INSPIRE models are communication tools composed of seven words that generate proactive individual/team and customer communication and collaboration. Beginning with the first word of the model, “involvement,” and ending with “excellence” each word is used as a guideline to generate specific behaviors that achieve positive individual and team results. The INSPIRE models provide an opportunity for [...]

YOU Leaders

YOU synergy!!! What creates a synergistic workforce? It’s always been interesting to observe manager/leader behavior during difficult moments. During times of challenge or stress the old saying real character is revealed is very true. Many economic experts feel we are in the midst of and are witnessing what could be the largest challenges North American [...]

YOU Confidence

Many employees today show up for work each day unmotivated, unfocused, and are satisfied just doing their best.  What separates organizations/people satisfied with doing their best with the same group motivated to be their best?  One item to consider is the in-tangible aspect of YOU self –confidence. When YOU confidence exists in a workplace it [...]