The History of Rocky Paths Consulting

The motivation for creating Rocky Paths Consulting came while on a hike in the Canadian Rockies. I had intended to take a short 30-minute hike down the lake-shore near Lake Louise, unwind and enjoy the magnificence of my surroundings. What occurred was an inspiring message of purpose that would turn an intended hike of relaxation, into a grueling 6-mile hike up the mountain seeking clarity and purpose.

At the end of the lake trail-head I had a choice – quit and return to the comfort of my hotel surroundings, or continue the hike up the mountain and receive a clarity of purpose I was certain would be there to greet me. The choice to continue was easy.

With each mile up the mountain I gained in stamina and desire to continue. It was clear to me this was not a typical hike; it was a pilgrimage, one that would provide me with vision, creativity, and the passion to begin a new career and life journey.

When I reached the summit there was a feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment, combined with clarity of who Jim Walker is, and how he can add value to others on their journey. Before beginning my hike down the mountain, I made a hot cup of tea, sat silently at the top of God’s creation, and felt I had been provided a gift, one I was determined to use in a manner fitting of my pilgrimage experience.

The Rocky Paths name was created during that hike, and resembles my own life and career path, sometimes rocky, often challenging, in places a bit scary, but also filled with multiple hidden treasures, if I took the risk to go a bit farther down the path.

I believe the work place provides a similar journey; companies are on a path of process and productivity/financial success, while many employees are on their own path, seeking career and life fulfillment.

It’s very common for organizations and employees to be on separate paths, and they frequently achieve a certain amount of success. I believe employers are well-intentioned, and do their best to keep all on a common path. Over the past 25 years I have experienced many well-intentioned CEOs share their vision of business success, and the importance of employee growth and development to the organization.

What leadership often over-looks is the need for employee personal evolvement, as well as professional development. Differing paths generally occur when organizational purpose/path does not synergize with the employee evolvement/path. The differing paths can create a cycle of business mediocrity, combined with employee disenchantment.

Our objective at Rocky Paths Consulting is creating opportunity for employers, as well individuals, to be on a common path of business and individual success and evolvement. Our presentations, coaching sessions, and leadership conversations offer a unique and creative awareness (called the YOU Approach), combined with a proven method of employee interaction (the INSPIRE model).

Both methods have been used successfully, and re-fined over 25 years working with fortune 100 companies, as well as family owned operations.

Remember, Rocky Paths do have hidden treasures.

It all starts with YOU.

Give us a call today to hear more about the Rocky Paths approach!!

Jim Walker,

Founder, Rocky Paths Consulting.