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The INSPIRE models are communication tools composed of seven words that generate proactive individual/team and customer communication and collaboration. Beginning with the first word of the model, “involvement,” and ending with “excellence” each word is used as a guideline to generate specific behaviors that achieve positive individual and team results.

The INSPIRE models provide an opportunity for collaborative team process creation while engaging in specific behaviors of individual appreciation and recognizing team contributions. Individual model outcomes are outlined below:

1. The INSPIRE ME model is an excellent tool to identify personal and career path options.

2. The INSPIRE Customer model provides an opportunity for team communication and collaboration discussions that improve the customer and coworker experience.

3. The INSPIRE Coach model provides a guideline of proven leadership principles that engage teams, improve results, and positively impact individual self-worth and fulfillment.

Each communication model provides the awareness, process, and leadership skills needed to achieve positive enduring results for teams and individuals.

Please contact Jim Walker for more information on the Rocky Paths INSPIRE communication models.