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YOU synergy!!! What creates a synergistic workforce?

It’s always been interesting to observe manager/leader behavior during difficult moments. During times of challenge or stress the old saying real character is revealed is very true. Many economic experts feel we are in the midst of and are witnessing what could be the largest challenges North American leadership has seen in the last 50 years.

Just a few challenges listed below-

  • Moving forward, the energy debate, and the term carbon footprint could completely change the face of manufacturing and industry.
  • Large automakers/airlines that once dominated the economy continue to struggle.
  • Social media, combined with multi-generational work forces have created a vast gap of communication challenges.

Now is the time for investment in an organization’s most valuable asset, the un-developed potential of people. Developing, synergizing talent is vital to future success. The above challenges may describe the current state; it need not control our future, or damage the confidence we have in each other.

As a leader, how do you inspire synergy in a workplace? Here are a few synergistic behaviors leaders can consider modeling.

  1. Leadership must take the lead; share the true status of what is happening. Ask others for their input, share strategy as well specific tactics/ behaviors essential to successful execution.
  2. Cast aside your own ego, vulnerabilities. Employees probably already know your short-comings anyway, ☺ show your human side. When a leader sincerely models their own humanity, others feel the positive energy and a bond of trusting interactions begins.
  3. Complete an immediate, informal resume search of all current employees, review which talents are not being challenged to be their best, identify barriers leading to mediocre results.
  4. Create futuristic work teams, teams that meet regularly to shape the business for what its future state will look like.
  5. Challenge human resources teams to reinvent their department, focusing on talent development, synergy of skills.
  6. Inspirational synergy requires leaders to change the way they communicate; sincere interpersonal interactions create trust and minimize conflict caused by misunderstood emails.
  7. Model expected behaviors, if YOU caring is obvious and sincere, it’s contagious.
  8. Learn; actively use the art of delegation. In a synergistic environment leaders must develop talent through delegated tasks, providing authority, responsibility as well accountability.
  9. Share your vision of the future, one that is calculated, specific, detailed, and presented from your heart.
  10. Show confidence. We can, we can, if we think we can.

During difficult, challenging times, success is often proportionate to an organization, and its leadership’s ability to synergize the business skills of employees.  Employees want to help their organizations succeed. When employees feel good about themselves, and their roles, greatness can be achieved. As a leader, creating the climate for that environment is up to YOU!!

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